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Hi, my name is Amanda! I'm a 21 year old culinary student and this is my blog about things and stuff that I like. Said stuff includes Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, anything Marvel, and just random things. I love talking to my followers so don't hesitate to say hi. :) <3


Sherlock in his Mind Palace in The Hounds of Baskerville

This will always be one of my favorite Sherlock scenes

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Submitted (in multiple messages) by Anonymous:


A very good list of very good reasons to be very physically attracted to Benedict Cumberbatch:

  • His Hair:
    - His ginger hair
    - His blond hair
    - His brown hair
    - His black hair
    - His short hair
    - His long hair
    - His floppy hair
    - His curly hair
    - His curly, ginger hair
    - His curly, dark hair
    - His side-parted hair
    - His spiky hair
  • His eyes:
    - His blue eyes
    - His green eyes
    - His silver/grey eyes
    - His eye freckle
    - His “one blue, one green” eyes
    - His sad eyes
    - His happy eyes
    - His crying eyes
    - His angry eyes
    - His ‘you have no idea what color I am’ eyes
    - His flicky, Sherlock eyes 
  • His smile:
    - His small smile.
    - His big smile
    - His paparazzi smile
    - His Creeper!Batch smile
    - His closed-lipped smile
    - His toothy smile
    - His long-jaw smile
    - His crows-feet smile
    - His big, cheesy, beautiful smile
  • His nose
  • His cheekbones
  • His freckles
  • His lips
  • His teeth
  • His lisp
  • His accent
  • His voice
  • His chin/chins
  • His attached earlobes
  • His neck muscles
  • His neck in general
  • His collar bone
  • His shoulders
  • His biceps
  • His arms in general
  • His hands
  • His fingers
  • His chest freckles
  • His chest
  • His chest hair
  • His pecks
  • His abs
  • His tummy
  • His tummy button
  • His treasure trail/snail strail/stairway to Heaven
  • His hips
  • His hip bones
  • His navel definition OR pubic “V”
  • His Cumberbum
  • His Cumberwilly (keep dreaming)
  • His thighs
  • His knees
  • His calves
  • His ankles
  • His feet
  • His toes

I have also been warned that, to follow soon, will be “A list of “other” reasons to be attracted to Benedict Cumberbatch.”

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